FLODocs is the leading automated change management and compliance software for cloud platforms such as NetSuite and Salesforce.

FLODocs helps your team get more done, more quickly with greater confidence and speed and without sacrificing safety or compliance.  Our software does all the heavy lifting to automatically document your system and deliver the right information at the right time to help you adapt your NetSuite or Salesforce account to meet your changing needs.

Change Planning and Execution: FLODocs provides tools to quickly describe changes, perform impact analysis and route for the appropriate approvals. As the change is being deployed, the FLODocs Environment Management Module is used to compare sandbox and production environments to document that the solution was properly deployed.

Change Detection and Clearance: FLODocs automatically tracks and records all changes to the system. FLODocs detects unapproved changes and highlight ones that are non-compliant for management review. Authorized changes are automatically cleared saving time and simplifying audit.

Reporting: FLODocs warns you of unapproved changes. End to End change reports show your changes and the associated change requests, approval, customizations, all the way to the deployment records. The whole life-cycle of the change is laid out in one place and you can click to see any details as required.

Complete traceability keeps management informed and your system ready for audit.

FLODocs - Built for NetSuite
  • Automated Change Tracking:  FLODocs automatically tracks the changes to your customizations in NetSuite and captures them in secure change logs.
  • Demonstrable:  FLODocs helps you clearly demonstrate, to what degree your policies are being followed. You can quickly see which changes were compliant and why.  You can also clearly see which changes were non-compliant and what steps were taken to manage those issues.
  • Traceable:  These changes are now traceable so you can see how they were approved, what testing was completed and how these changes were deployed.
  • Recoverable:  The FLODocs customization record captures the customization information so they can be recreated after they are changed or deleted, if required.
  • Reportable:  With FLODocs, you get complete reporting of the changes to your customizations in NetSuite and Salesforce.  You can see all the automatically tracked changes, what changes were compliant or non compliant and end to end tracking of those changes.

Our Customers

We needed to demonstrate that we did not have ine­ffective IT General Controls. Without FLODocs, our auditors would likely have had to spend 3 times as many hours manually going over those controls. That’s a real cost that we would have had to expend this year and all following years. With FLODocs help, we were able to satisfy our auditors quickly and in a cost e­ffective manner.

Amy Carlson, Director of Business Systems, Nortek Inc.

Thank you again to the energetic and talented FLODocs team who made our ERP change management process simple, efficient, and stress free.

Oliver O'Dell, Finance System Lead, REA Group

Without FLODocs it would have been very difficult to identify which customizations we should and could safely delete. It would have taken a lot more time to figure out what could safely be deleted and we would have taken a huge risk in breaking an active customization within the system.

Jennifer Trejo, NetSuite Administrator, Feeney, Inc.


Nortek Security & Control, a publicly traded company providing security and control solutions to homes and businesses, chose FLODocs to implement change management and compliance in NetSuite. Learn why Brian Keare, Group VP of IT at Nortek recommends FLODocs.

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