Change at the speed of business.

Quickly and efficiently manage all aspects of making changes to your NetSuite and Salesforce platforms.

Documentation and Optimization

Automatically track and record all changes

Not knowing what’s in your systems and how they’re being used makes it difficult to make good decisions. FLODocs does in seconds and minutes what otherwise takes days and months. It is the fastest, simplest way to document your NetSuite or Salesforce customizations.

FLODocs automatically documents everything and maintains the core documentation describing each customization.

It helps you make better and faster decisions more quickly and keeps your systems clean and optimized to ensure they are serving your employees, not the other way around.

We replace time-consuming manual work using spreadsheets and emails with documentation and optimization tools that enable rapid and systematic validation of business processes and the scripts, searches, workflows, and other customizations that impact them.

“We’ve been using NetSuite since 2009 and over time we have had a large number of customizations. FLODocs is an incredible time saver in our effort to clean up and document the changes, some of which we had forgotten even existed.”

Mark Kreminski, HighJump Software

Intelligent Change Management

Change your systems at the speed of business

Adding AI to change management is a game-changer.

It lets your team focus on building excellent solutions that drive growth. We automate change management to ensure everything is done quickly, predictably and right every time: risk analysis, impact analysis, change clearance, approvals and deployment validation. Quickly see what changes were compliant and why.

FLODocs provides senior executives with the confidence to be aware of all changes to evaluate benefits, identify risks and track changes to understand and minimize risk.

We provide complete reporting of changes to your customizations. You can see all automatically tracked changes, what changes were compliant or noncompliant, and end to end tracking of those changes.

As important, FLODocs reduces the time needed to analyze, plan and manage changes, letting your best people prioritize and focus on what matters.

“Without FLODocs, it would have been very difficult to identify the customizations we should and could safely delete. It would have taken a lot more time to figure out what could safely be deleted and we would have taken a huge risk in breaking an active customization within the system.”

Jennifer Trejo, Feeney

Enterprise Compliance

Get the compliance system that auditors recommend!

Companies need powerful, fast and efficient ways to achieve compliance with SOX and FDA.

Without sacrificing speed, agility or security, FLODocs automates all the key controls and release processes needed to run a tight ship and meet your audit and compliance requirements.

At a time when standards keep getting higher, FLODocs extends the powerful capabilities of Intelligent Change Management to track all changes, allowing you to create reports that show and prove to auditors there have been no violations to your systems.

FLODocs automates IT and financial controls and the critical change practices to ensure your configuration and master data and operational use of your system is safe, well managed and compliant.

“Without FLODocs, our auditors would likely have had to spend three times as many hours manually going over those controls. That’s a real cost that we would have expended this year and all following years. With FLODocs, we were able to satisfy our auditors quickly and in a cost effective manner.”

Amy Carlson, Nortek Security and Control

Change is constant. Be great at it!

Let us show you how we make documentation, change management and compliance safer, faster and easier.

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